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Jaguar D Saul

Jaguar D. Saul ist ein Riese und hat ebenfalls dieses D im Namen, von daher müssen die Träger von D noch nicht einmal menschlich sein. Jaguar D. Saul. Manga · One Piece Zitate · Manga Zitate · Lieblingszitate · Der Ganzen Welt · Elf. Jaguar D. Saul Anime Bilder, Piraten, Beste Anime Shows, Manga, One. 1 Jaguar D. Saul HD Wallpapers und Hintergrundbilder. Gratis downloaden auf diesen Geräten - Computer, Smartphone, oder Tablet. - Wallpaper Abyss.

Jaguar D. Sauro

Jaguar D. Saul. Finde diesen Pin und vieles mehr auf Devil Fruit von Joe Lewis. Jaguar D. Saul Nico Robin, Fernsehwerbung, One Piece, Fan Art, Erinnerungen​. Sep 1, - One Piece Quote - Jaguar D Saul by on @deviantART. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Wir behalten. Monster Bego: 8 Tokoh Dalam Serial One Piece dengan Inisial "D" 'Gol D. Roger bounty ' Poster by Raed-D-Artist Jaguar D. Saul.

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Schach Onlne dieser Theorie war die vergangene Welt miteinander verbunden und vereint, aber ein Krieg brach aus und Leute wurden überall auf der Welt verstreut. Wiki erstellen. Saul bzw. Jaguar D. Saul is the former Marine Vice-Admiral. A giant with his own unique laugh. He risked his life to warn Ohara. View the profiles of people named Jaguar D. Saul. Join Facebook to connect with Jaguar D. Saul and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power. Jaguar D. Saul. A giant who appeared on Ohara as a castaway and befriended a young Nico Robin. Realizing he had arrived at Ohara, he warned her that the island was being targeted by the Navy. Has a rather unique laugh. Max Lv. Jaguar D. Saul (21) Portgas D. Ace (17) Monkey D. Luffy (12) Nico Robin (11) Gol D. Roger (11) Portgas D. Rouge (11) Nico Olvia (9) Trafalgar D. Water Lammy (9) Monkey D. Garp (7) Mugiwara Kaizoku | Strawhat Pirates (7) Include Relationships Gol D. Roger/Portgas D. Rouge (6) Monkey D. Luffy & Portgas D. Ace & Sabo (5). Jaguar D. Saul was a giant and a former Vice Admiral who first appeared as a castaway on the island of Ohara. He was introduced in Nico Robin 's flashback during the Enies Lobby Arc, and by then he had already defected from the Marines. View the profiles of people named Jaguar D. Saul. Join Facebook to connect with Jaguar D. Saul and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power. แฮควาร์ ดี เซาโล (Jaguar D. Saul: Hagwor อดีตพลเรือโทสังกัดศูนย์บัญชาการใหญ่รัฐบาลโลกจากเรื่องวันพีซ เซาโลเป็นเผ่าคนยักษ์ที่มีร่างกายใหญ่โตและมี.

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Saul Spartan Indonesia ein Riese und hat ebenfalls dieses D im Namen, von daher müssen die Träger von D noch nicht einmal menschlich sein.
Jaguar D Saul
Jaguar D Saul

He had experienced the Grand Line and seen Devil Fruit users, so he was not surprised or scared by them at all.

He even states that he was somewhat jealous of their incredible abilities. It was stated that all vice admirals possess Haki , so Saul could also use the ability.

Saul is a giant, but not an Elbaf giant, as he was born somewhere in the South Blue. At some point in his life, he became a Marine and eventually made it to the rank of vice admiral.

Before the storyline, Saul had traveled in the Grand Line, though nothing was said of his adventures other than the fact that he met many Devil Fruit users.

While on duty, Saul's vessel encountered a wanted ship run by the archaeologists of Ohara, who left West Blue to locate and decipher the mysterious poneglyphs that bear an ancient, forgotten history that was forbidden to be studied.

Despite ordering his men to take the archaeologists alive, Saul's crew slaughtered all but one, Nico Olvia. After Olvia's capture, Saul was informed by Sengoku that he would be one of the five chosen vice admirals to lead a Buster Call against Ohara for its crimes of deciphering the poneglyphs.

Rejecting the study of history as a justification for the order, Saul would begin to doubt the Government's actions.

After interrogating Olvia, Saul grew disgusted with the military's brutal intentions and defected against the World Government by releasing her.

Shortly thereafter, he was shipwrecked in a storm and sent adrift in the ocean until fatefully landing on Ohara itself. As he was being frozen, Saul smiled and laughed, cryptically echoing the way Gol D.

Roger was executed two years prior. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. This here is the 30th Featured Article.

Saul" has been featured, meaning it was chosen as an article of interest. Saul at age Saul debuts. Fishbonen states Haki is a power all the vice admirals use.

Categories :. Cancel Save. Universal Conquest Wiki. There is nothing more ridiculous than being born in this world to be alone..

Someday you will meet brave friends who will protect you. Go and live with them Robin. Marines :. Pirates :. Others :. Related Articles Organizations :.

Locations :. Story Arcs :. Other :. Subordinates and Others :. Non-Canon :. Former Marines Canon :. Transportation Ship s :.

Vehicles :. Abilities Devil Fruit Based :. Fighting Style Based :. Weapon Based :. Related Articles Marine Bases :. Groups :.

Events :. Concepts :. Cover Stories :. Movies :. Monkey Family :. Monkey D. Hänen jäätynyttä ruumistaan käydään silloin tällöin vielä tänäkin päivänä häpäisemässä, sillä onhan Saulilla melko repäisevä naama.

Saulilla sattui hyvä mäihä ja hän oli yksi harvoista Ne Pece -hahmoista, jotka saivat jatkaa eloaan kummituksina. Kaksi muuta ovat Bellemere ja Valkoparta.

Saul käytti uutta olomuotoaan hyväksi lähinnä leijailemalla ympäri meriä, kysellen kaikkea turhaa merenkulkijoilta. Kaikkien onneksi hän kohtasi viimein loppunsa, kun Mihawk nappasi hänet haamuansaansa.

Kaapparilordi pääsi urotekonsa ansiosta Grand Line Timesin etusivulle ja hänet otettiin Uudessa maailmassa avosylein vastaan. On siis selvää, että vielä kuolemansa jälkeenkin Jaguar D.

Saul oli kaikkien vihaama eikä kenenkään rakastama. Entiset: Aokiji , Jaguar D. Saul , Nelson Royale. Sign In Don't have an account?

Start a Wiki. Saul vain päivää ennen kuolemaansa.

As the new transfer student in a prestigious school, Nico Robin wishes for nothing but a quiet senior year and, with some luck, maybe a friend or two. This case has been discussed many times, Juegos De Maquinas Tragamonedas Gratis Sin Descargar agreed that BB hid him in his Black Hole and released later. There are absolutely Spiele Farm plot armor rules when it Precon Rezepte to Oda, or One Piece, or Shonen for that matter.
Jaguar D Saul Sign In Don't have an account? Also, as a Marine, he had worn the Marine cap, but upon his defection he exchanged it for a cowboy's Arminia Biele. Locations :. Related Articles Marine Bases :. He also justified his choice of defending Robin after seeing a former Point Spread Hockey destroy an entire ship of innocent citizens, who held no related crimes to the incident at hand. Universal Conquest Wiki. After saving Luffy from being buried under quicksand, Palmerbet questioned him about why those who have the Will of D. Saul was a giant and a former Vice Admiral who first appeared as a castaway on the island of Ohara. Abilities Orderprovision Ing Diba Fruit Based :. Others :. Jaguar D. Sauro war ein Riese und Marineoffizier, der nach einem Vorfall mit einigen Archäologen. Jul 24, - This Pin was discovered by Angel Frias. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Jaguar D. Saul & Nico Robin. Mehr davon. Pop Art Poster, Posterdruck, "one Piece" Hintergrundbilder Iphone, Monkey D. 'Monkey D Luffy' Metal Poster - Lost​. Jul 24, - This Pin was discovered by alex. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest.

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